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Residential Construction

Personal living space is about function, beauty and comfort. Combining natural elements like wood, metals and stone, to give your home a unique style—whether your style is urban loft, ranch or farmhouse, new industrial or traditional. Or, answer your nostalgia for a retro-style, wood frame home; or design a modern "warehome" (warehouse style combining living space with storage/garage) to suit your life-style. 

ResPage1Standout Features:

  • Granite or Quartz Countertops
  • All-wood custom cabinets (no engineered “wood” or particle wood)
  • Plumbing fixtures from plumbing specialty vendor (never DIY home center)
  • Double-pane Low-E windows
  • Fiberglass batt or open-cell foam (upgrade) insulation
  • Engineered 3000 psi steel reinforced concrete slab
  • 25-30 year manufacturer-warranted roof shingles
  • High-efficiency air conditioning and heating system


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