Austin Residential Construction – Part 1

This is the first post detailing an Austin residential construction project that was begun in late August 2015 to add a 480 foot addition to a residential home in Austin, Texas.  This being our first project within the city limits of Austin was a learning experience on the various city codes and inspection required.  We were lucky to be working with a city inspector that was very helpful in providing us details and information to make sure the project moved along smoothly without any issues surfacing later.  Initial work centered around developing a floor plan suitable for the client who had asked for a suite for his elderly mother.  The initial sketches included a living area, kitchenette, bedroom and bath with a small attached front porch.  The final floor plan was designed by Venture Four Architects in Bee Caves, Texas and is shown below.  At this time a price quote was provided which the client approved and work began in early October.

austin residential constructionaustin residential construction 2Following the client’s approval, local district and city approval were obtains and then building permits were pulled for the work.  Austin residential construction is anything but simple and inspections, surveys, engineer certifications, rough plumbing installation, termite treatment and certification all had to be completed in conjunction with setting up the foundation prior to being able to pour the building foundation concrete.  This also included all rough plumbing installation and inspection. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and we lost almost two weeks due to rains.  All in all this took almost two months before being ready to pour concrete at the beginning of December.  The photo above shows the foundation with rough plumbing and electrical grounding completed and awaiting final inspection prior to pour.  Below is the picture after the foundation was completed on 3 December.

finished foundation

Come back later for Part 2 which will cover all of the framing, exterior siding and roofing.