Austin Residential Construction – Part 2

This is the second part in a multi-part post on a recent Austin residential construction job that added a 480 square foot addition to an existing home.  

austin residential constructionFollowing completion of the foundation and rough plumbing, lumber was delivered for framing.  Framing started on 7 December and was completed within one week.  The framing crew arrived on Monday morning and within two days had all the exterior and interior walls completed, the roof trusses in place and had put the plywood on the roof.  They next began to add the exterior sheathing and installed windows.  


sheathingFollowing the exterior sheathing installation an inspection by a third party engineer was required and the work passed inspection.  Exterior siding was immediately begun which took two days to complete after which roofing was completed.  On the following Wednesday the painting crew arrived to paint the entire outside of the addition which took one day.  During this time the electrician was busy running all the interior wiring which was completed the day after painting was finished.  

sidingIt was amazing to watch just how fast this project was moving once the foundation work was completed.  Within just a period of 10 days it went from a flat foundation to a structure with outside work completed.  Now the inside work will begin in earnest.  Finishing the electrical and plumbing as well as installation of the heating and cooling system.  Following those tasks, insulation and drywall will be installed after which the bathroom will be completed and interior painting and flooring will take place.


Check back for the final installment in this Austin residential construction series to see the finished building and all the interior features that are included.