Selecting Your Commercial Contractor

 Selecting a Commercial Contractor

selecting a commercial contractor

If you are in the process of  selecting a commercial contractor for your project, a search on the internet will provide an ample list of contractors to select from.  How do you go about selecting the right contractor?

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Commercial Contractor

  1. References – Ask about some of the projects he/she has completed in the past.
  2. Experience – The lowest quote is not always best.  A reputable and experienced contractor’s knowledge of the industry allows him to give you a realistic quote based on experience in past projects.  An underbid project will oftentimes result in cost overruns and delays.
  3. Relationship – Communication with your contractor is of utmost importance.
  4. Integrity –  An ethical contractor pays ALL bills related to the project and the  subcontractors he hires.  You DON’T want a mechanic’s lien on your project, home or other real estate project.  A reputable contractor will do all he can not to impute a burden on you, the customer.