Are You Still Renting?  Renting is NOT Owning!

Do you own your home?  That’s great!  If you are currently renting, you will never see a return on the monthly rent payment.  Renting is Not Owning! 

You CAN become a homeowner.  It is possible that with a couple of hundred dollars above your current monthly rent payment you can start to accrue collateral in real estate.  Real estate is never worth ‘zero’.  Yet, ‘zero’ is your net return when you pay rent.

There are numerous opportunities to become a homeowner.  You can purchase a dilapidated house which, with a modest investment, you can transform into a beautiful, comfortable home to call your own–YOUR OWN!   Ever paid attention to old barns or empty warehouse buildings?  Imagine a metal building or an old barn converted into a home with all the walls, ceilings, rooms, great room, wood floors, modern kitchen and bathrooms.  It’s the inside that matters!

Don’t kid yourself.  The Joneses you have been trying to keep up with may be considering a smaller home also.  If you agree that it’s time to redefine ‘successful’, and are not seeking admiration on your overly-costly home, then this may be the right move for you.  The remodeling and refurbishing of homes and old buildings in cities where the cost of living has skyrocketed, and the commuting to work robs you of family time, has transformed neighborhoods into flourishing modern residential/shopping prime real estate nuggets. 

Why not bring that same concept to small-town living, without the the hustle and bustle of big city life?

Old HomeKitchen1

Turn an old building into a modern home.