“Warehomes” – Metal Homes


Metal Homes & Barndominiums

Metal buildings have been the preferred method for commercial building for many years,  but in recent years metal homes have become popular for residential construction.  The contemporary aim to simplify our lives–“tiny homes”, refurbished warehouses, and metal homes -‘warehomes’, or barndominiums, are an alternative to the more traditional home.

Metal homes offer a number of advantages over the more traditional wood, cement and brick homes. These are not your ordinary looking metal sheds, but can have an exterior that is both modern and beautiful.


  • StrengthMetal is a tremendously strong material that can withstand forces of nature.
  • Interior planning – Interior walls of metal homes do not bear the roof load as in more traditional construction, and it is therefore easier to plan and change interior layout.
  • Cost – Metal homes cost less to build than traditional materials, and generally can be constructed in less time providing savings in labor costs.
  • Durability – Metal buildings are a deterrent to termites and other pests.
  • Energy efficiency – Metal homes can have a high R factor insulation due to the increased space between the outside structure and interior wall, translating into money saving on energy cost.
  • Aesthetics – Metal home roofs are available in several colors to select from.  Rock or brick wainscot may be added to accent the exterior of a ‘warehome’.  The floor plan and interior is constructed like a conventional home.  Ceiling style or beams, open family and kitchen area, loft bedroom(s) overlooking living area, exposed HVAC spiral tubing with vents, full bathrooms, a choice of ceramic, porcelain or wood flooring, and lighting may be customized for a modern, beautiful look. Contact Seal Construction