Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

                Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

bathroom and kitchen remodeling
The decision to take on bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects may be difficult to make but is definitely moving in the right direction.  These are two major projects that will add value and beauty to your home.  Today the kitchens, with their islands and counter spaces, and more open concept are increasingly used for busy families to gather for meals, homework study, online work, and entertaining.  (When was the last time you sat down at your ‘formal dining’ room table?)  With the emphasis on open concept homes, the design and layout of your kitchen not only makes it more functional but becomes an integral part of your home rather than a room where you simply cook meals.

Below is an example of a kitchen before and after a recent remodeling.  Look at how much more open, modern and clean the new look is compared to the original.

Remodeling your existing kitchen with new all wood (not wood veneers) custom cabinets, new counter tops, modern lighting and faucet fixtures, are sure to draw your family and friends for gatherings, meals and work.  Couple that with new appliances to match and you have a winner. 

Remodeling a ‘dated’ bathroom for a modern look adds premium to its functionality, and the aesthetics are sure to brighten your day–or soothe you into the evening!  Get rid of those old cabinets, fake marble counters and that drab bathtub and make your bathroom modern, beautiful and functional. It’s your home, your haven!  IMG_9352

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling are two projects that can not only add beauty and function but can significantly increase the value of your home.  If you are considering bathroom and kitchen remodeling contact us to discuss plans and options.   See some of our testimonials to see what our previous customers say about the updates we have done in kitchens and bathrooms!


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