Commercial Residential Remodeling

Residential Construction

Personal living space is about function, beauty and comfort. Combining natural elements like wood, metals and stone, to give your home a unique style—whether your style is urban loft, ranch or farmhouse, or industrial look. Or answer your nostalgia for a retro-style, wood frame home; or design a modern ‘warehome’ (warehouse style combining living space with storage/garage) to suit your lifestyle. We understand the importance and investment each client takes on when building their family home.

Our goal is simple,
understand and fulfill your needs with careful planning and thoughtful execution, all while maintaining the highest standards in residential construction.

Each residential project at Seal Construction is kept with your family’s lifestyle at the forefront of the construction process. Kitchen cabinetry, window placement, lighting; each piece of your home is processed and crafted with captivating beauty, smart and sound design, all while highlighting your needs and wants to give your home a unique style.

Barn Style Home


First there was the farm house, then the traditional home with formal rooms, followed by the transitional, then the modern home. Then there is Seal Construction "Warehomes". A metal structure building built just like a warehouse with living spaces inside. Includes all the features: concrete foundation, plumbing, electrical, ceiling and walls. The walls of a warehome, unlike an ordinary home, may be relocated in the future to accommodate your life’s needs.

Standout Features

  • Granite or Quartz Countertops
  • All-wood custom cabinets (no engineered “wood” or particle wood)
  • Plumbing fixtures from plumbing specialty vendor (never DIY home center)
  • Engineered 3000 psi steel reinforced concrete slab

Energy Saving Features

  • High-efficiency A/C and heating system
  • Double pane Low-E windows
  • Fiberglass batt or open-cell foam (upgrade) insulation